White Paper Writer

Why You Need to Hire a White Paper Writer

White papers might not have the buzz of some of the hotter marketing trends, but they’re effective and get the job done.

White Papers Attract Better Targeted Leads

While a good brochure or data sheet can help present the facts in a clean format, not helps attract people to your company like a well written white paper.

White papers have always been viral when they resonate with prospects. A white paper that is done right is not only shared among prospective customers and clients and but it can also be optimized so that it will be easily scanned by the search engines and found online.

Out of curiosity, anyone can glance over a blog post titled “The Golf Fitness Systems (Almost) Every Successful Pro Uses” – even if they don’t play golf. But only a serious golf pro shop buyer will download and read a 5-page white paper on “The 3 Golf Fitness Systems that Every Pro Shop Needs to Offer.”

White Papers Increase Credibility

White papers build credibility with your target audience. Whether you are selling technology products, run a service business – a good white paper can be a great reputation-building tool.

A premium white paper is seen by the B2B community as an “expert” resource. When a prospect downloads or receives a white paper full of helpful information, they instantly start to perceive your organization as a being a “trusted resource.”

And from experience, we all understand that potential customers prefer to do business with companies that they know, like and trust. And nothing builds rapport like a white paper.

White Papers Mean Better Conversions & Sales

White papers naturally have more conversions due to the fact that you can outline the benefits of your idea, product or service in more detail. And the old adage, the more you tell, the more you sell is still true.

This is because prospects almost never buy — the first time they learn about your product or service. Managers and buyers prefer to do their homework and some in-depth research — especially when it comes to something new or complex or expensive.

That is why white papers work so well – they build up trust and value with your target market. And another reason why white papers work is because they are more in-depth and comprehensive than almost any other form of content marketing. Prospects will read and re-read white papera over and over again – if it engages their interest.

Custom-written white papers are designed to help educate readers until they are comfortable coming to a buying decision – usually one that benefits your organization.

Prospective customers will frequently study the details in a white paper, highlight interesting passages as they write down notes to themselves in the margins.

Basically your target audience can interact for hours with a single white paper – something they are unwilling to do with other forms of online content.

As a White Paper Writer

I specialize in creating custom white papers for B2B marketers, consultants or for anyone else who wants to use the power of content marketing to build their business,  expand their revenue or cut down on costs.  But I also can write blog posts, users’ manuals and other educational/marketing materials.

I am willing to look at most any type of white paper or long form writing project for your company. Please feel free to call me at 828.216.0766 about your next writing project. Put me to work on your project today > To Request a Quote