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please read the instructions below:

1) Fill out the form below with your full name, and an email where I can reach you,

2) In the message box, please type in the type of content or writing project you would like a quote for — like a white paper or a special report or a series of blog posts. Then just submit it to me.

3) I will then send you a ‘Client Questionnaire’ (in MS Word) to help you nail down all the particulars of your proposed project.  In it you can tell me about the subject matter, the product/service, keywords (if any) and also you can include how many pages you want the project to be (5, 10, 15+).

4) After I have received your questionnaire and had a chance to look over it in detail, I will forward you a quote and an estimated turn-around time for your project.

5) If you decide to hire me, I will need 25% of quoted project price as a non-refundable earnest deposit to start the project.

An earnest deposit protects both of us:

First, you never have pay out the entire amount until I have delivered a final project and you are satisfied with my work.

It protects me because I get positive proof that you are serious & committed to completing the project.

6) After I have researched and have become familiar with the topics and core subject matter, I will send you an in-depth outline of the proposed project before I begin. work.

7) Once I have the final approval of the outline, I will starting the research, interviewing and writing process.

8) Once I have finished the initial project, I will send a final draft copy to you for inspection. Once I have your final approval, I will forward to you a final copy of the project.

9) I will then send you a invoice for the completed project (the remaining 75% percentage not covered by the earnest deposit.)

And that’t it! That’s all it takes to get custom-written white papers and web content for your business.

You can also use the form to ask questions about white papers.


Chancer Reese

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