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Insomnia PLR Articles – 5 for $5


With all the stress and worry around the world today, contributing to our worrisome days, it’s no wonder that a wave of restless nights is setting the insomnia niche on FIRE!

Google now shows some 1,500,000 people search every month to find out “what is insomnia”! I feel that the current economy and a general sense of uncertainty and confusion is certainly keeping more and more people up at night.

Problems with money, poor job prospects and family troubles have driven rates of insomnia and sleeplessness up higher than ever. But this is a great opportunity for smart and savvy marketers.

Clickbank has 5,921 products dealing with sleeping problems and had185 on Insomnia alone. And if you search Amazon, you will find a TON of books, sleeping aids, pillows, music CDs, and relaxation videos, etc. that an enterprising insomnia marketer can sell to an insomnia fatigued population.

This market is a classic “no-brainer” for someone who wants to put some quick bucks in their pocket. This is why I have created a nice introductory package of 10 insomnia PLR articles just for you.

You can use these packs below to promote ANYTHING you want it to, though you need to be lightly rework them to insert your product ideas or affiliate links.

Plus you can format them in any way you wish: you can create ebooks, blog posts, video scripts, audio MP3s or anything else you can think of.

NOTICE: The only thing you can’t do is sell them as your own PLR/MRR.

Sample of article: Insomnia Treatment – The Four Fastest Ways to Treat Insomnia (437)

“For many busy health professionals, the treatment for insomnia often seems to fall into the category of “just take two pills and call me next week.” While this might work for many of their patients who experience a bout of temporary insomnia, for others this behavior can be very frustrating.

If you are going through a chronic bout of insomnia (longer than 4 weeks) and you are sick of feeling tired, worn out and waking up too early in the morning, then you might be interested in this article. In it, we will explore some rapid yet effective methods for overcoming both short-term and chronic insomnia.”

Insomnia PLR Pack 1

  • Insomnia Tests – 4 Proven Ways to Test For Insomnia (522)
  • Insomnia Symptoms – Straight Talk About Sleep Insomnia Symptoms (408)
  • Insomnia Causes – The Real Causes of Insomnia Every Suffer Needs to Know (482)
  • The Dangers Of Insomnia – Why Your Insomnia Can Become a Serious Risk For You (431)
  • Cure For Insomnia – A Safe And Effective Cure For Insomnia That Works Like Crazy (586)

Insomnia PLR Pack 2

  • What is Insomnia? – What Does It Means When You Can’t Fall Sleep & How Survive Insomnia (619)
  • The Warning Signs of Insomnia – What is Insomnia & How Do I Know if I Have It? (455)
  • Risk Factors For Insomnia – Get Your Insomnia Risk Factor Questions Answered (475)
  • Remedies For Insomnia – Why Your Doctor Prescribed Cure For Insomnia Won’t Work (528)
  • Insomnia Treatment – The Four Fastest Ways to Treat Insomnia (437)

Insomnia Mega-Pack (All 10 Articles for $10.00)

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